I'm a little nervous about this part of the Morris wiki.

If I write here my interpretation of (say) Bampton, surely someone else is going to amend it to their own interpretation. This could degenerate into a war, or at best the usual policing by the majority could result in the development of a set of notes on the "one" way of dancing each tradition. But that's false, different sides have different interpretations, so there needs to be room to reflect these differences.

In the end I think I'd expect it to be a lively discussion rather than a useful resource.

Maybe it is better to just have a list of what sides are currently (or historically?) dancing what traditions to facilitate a search for any particular set of notes.

Any thoughts anyone?


I was thinking of this section as more a site for notations of new dances, and maybe writeups of historical aspects of Cotswold traditions, etc., than as a "how to dance Bampton" resource.
But something on the latter lines might still be possible and useful; I think it depends on the approach taken... if you were to write an article describing an interpretation of Bampton (or some particular Bampton dance), without emphasizing that it is one individual's or team's interpretation, it might get changed to someone else's. An article comparing different interpretations might get usefully augmented. An article that describes one interpretation but emphasizes that it is only one interpretation might get turned into a comparison. It could end up as a sort of Super-Bacon in which many interpretations are presented rather than just one (or a few -- Bacon does discuss variant versions to some extent). -- Rsholmes 17:12, 19 May 2006 (UTC)
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