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Saltington was the name applied to the Cotswold-ish style developed by Salt Springs Morris during its 1999-2001 incarnation under the direction of Heather Holmes. The steps, hand motions, and some of the figures from Roy Dommett's Withington were used as a basis.

Aside from a few dance ideas that were never, for one reason or another, pursued very far, the style included:

  • "Donkey Riding" -- stick dance based on a Bledington style dance by Peter Klosky
  • "No Rings" -- handclap dance based on an Adderbury style dance developed collaboratively at the 1992 Five Day Wonder
  • "Young Collins" -- original hankie dance
  • "Gallant Hussar" -- original hankie dance
  • "The Webley" -- original hankie dance

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