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MayDay PMM2011

May Day 2011

Location: Perth, WA, Australia
Dances: Cotswolds (various traditions)
Organizations: Australian Morris Ring
Active: 1973-present
Contact: S. Mansfield (08)9478 6968(H)

0400 731 049(M)

Web site:


The Perth Morris Men mostly dance Cotswold Morris, with one Sword and a few Border dances. The side was founded in 1974, the first public performance being in Hay Street on a Saturday in March. To the best of our knowledge we (Perth Morris Men) were the first side in Australia. For a more detailed history of the Perth Morris Men refer to

Perth Morris 1st group adjustedRed

Perth Morris 1st Gig March 1974

Visit our web site


Perth Morris Men practice in the Seaward Region Guide Hall, Monash Avenue, Nedlands from 7 to 9 PM on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Please contact the squire Steven Mansfield (08) 94786968(H) 0400 731 049(M) or email or the foreman David Scott (0403 983 338 or email for more details. New members are very welcome.

An example of the dances that were videoed during a practice session can be found on Youtube

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