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Mythago Morris[]

== Street theatre or Morris with attitude? ==

We are what we are—and hope you enjoy it![]

Our intent is to illustrate some of the old English stories through dance, music, verse and the occasional song.  And to enjoy ourselves whilst doing it.[]

The dances are in the Border style of Morris dancing. Border Morris originated in the Welsh border areas; the origins are lost in the mists of time as with all Morris. There are, I believe, only 4 recorded, traditional, Border Morris dances—all the other dances  have been made up in the same style . We have carried on this living tradition by adopting and adapting dances we have seen and tying them together with a story.[]

The stories are also traditionally English, mainly pre-Christian and are about things which we can fit into about a half hour slot. At the moment, we have five stories:[]

The Green Man—about the cycle of seasons and the spirit of the Wildwood[]

The Knuckerhole Dragon—a traditional story from around Arundel[]

Herne the Hunter—another one of those mythical good(ish) guys[]

The Kings Men—the story of the Rollright stones near Oxford[]

Cerridwen’s Cauldron—the story of the birth of Taliesi[]