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  • Bedlam Bells Morris and Sword (web site)

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For selected San Franciso area teams including Berkeley Morris, Deer Creek Morris Men, FFL Morris, Goat Hill Morris, Mad Molly, Norton's Guard Longsword, Ring of Cold Steel Longsword, and Seabright Morris and Sword, see also brief writeups at BACDS Performance Teams or for a list with contacts and dance style see this Bay Area teams summary.

Berkeley Edit

  • Berkeley Morris (web site)
  • Paradise Cove Morris Men

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Oakland Edit

  • Emperor Norton's Fire Brigade & Hose Company #2 (longsword)

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San Francisco Edit

  • Dead Ringers
  • Deer Creek Morris Men (web site)
  • Goat fuckers Morris
  • Pipe and Bowl Morris (web site)
  • Ring of Cold Steel Longsword
  • Stinging Nettle Longsword (web site)
  • White Rats (web site)

San Francisco Bay Area Edit

  • Swords of Gridlock

San Ramon Edit

  • Red Rose Morris & Sword

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  • Parrot Cove Morris

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  • Berea College Country Dancers (web site)
  • Rapa Bora Morris and Sword

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  • Angleterre Morris Dancers

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  • Still River Sword

North Hampton Edit

  • Flesh Wound (Rapper)

Pioneer Valley Edit

Shirley Edit

  • Orion Longsword

Sudbury Edit

  • Candyrapper (web site)
  • Great Meadows Morris and Sword (web site)
  • Hop Brook Morris and Sword
  • Jug End Mountain Morris
  • Pocket Flyers (web site )
  • Rapport D'Or (web site )
  • Rose Galliard

Whately Edit

  • Morning Glory Girls Garland
  • Stick'n the Mist Border Morris

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Grand Rapids Edit


  • Marquette Morris

Port Sanilac Edit

  • Hole-in-the-Bog Morris & Mummers (web site)

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Missouri Edit

The St. Louis sides had brief descriptions at (archived page)

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  • Prarie Waves Morris

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  • Firebird

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Asheville Edit

  • Ashgrove Garland (web site)
  • Loafer's Glory

Brasstown Edit

  • Rural Felicity Garland Dancers (web site)
  • Sticks in the Mud Morris Team (web site)
  • Black Socks Rapper Sword (web site)
  • Dame's Rocket Northwest Clog (web site)

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  • Points of Etiquette (longsword)

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  • Westerly Morris Men ([[1]])

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  • Ladies of the Rolling Pin (website)

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  • Tenpenny Rapper Sword Dancers (website)

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  • Marlboro Morris and Sword

Montpelier Edit

  • Midnight Capers

Strafford Edit

  • Four Corners Morris

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  • Putney Morris Men
  • Putney Mountain Morris Women

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  • Arlington Northwest Morris Women (facebook)

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  • Williamsburg Garland (website)
  • Drunken Weasel Border Morris (website)

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