GCM (the style) (formerly Griffin's Corner, temporarily known as Grindstone Creek) is a Cotswold-ish style developed by and for GCM (the team) -- or perhaps vice versa, since work on the style began four years before the team was founded.

The style is based upon Adderbury, with some ideas from Oddington thrown in and a few elements out of the blue sky. The jigs, which are the only GCM dances that have been performed as of July 2011, are structurally based on an Oddington jig and in most cases have distinctive figures based on jigs from other traditions including Bampton and Wheatley.

Dances that have been performed are:

Jigs Edit

  • Black Joke
  • Flowers of Edinburgh
  • Jockey to the Fair
  • Princess Royal
  • The Quaker (or Highland Mary, with a different tune)
  • What Can the Matter Be?

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