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The trouble with English counties...

... is mainly that they don't stay put. The county lines were redrawn in 1974 and again in 1996. New counties have been created. Various cities have become "unitary authorities", administratively not part of any county. For that matter, there appear to be three different sets of counties for three different purposes. See the Wikipedia articles on metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties, ceremonial counties, and traditional counties for further clarification ... or not. If England would just draw some county lines and damn well leave them there, life would be simpler.

(Not that they don't redraw county boundaries in the US, too, but these seem to be more stable; anyway, these directories are organized by state in the US, and state boundaries are very much more stable.)

For our purposes we group the English sides by county, taking as authorities various maps and information sources including the teams themselves. In some cases cities, such as Bristol, (Greater) London and (Greater) Manchester, are treated as "counties" for our purposes; other cities, though they may be "unitary authorities", are assigned to whatever county contains them geographically. Mostly it's a matter of consensus, and/or the wishes of the affected team. You may find one team listed under one division and another in the same town/city/whatever listed under a different division. (For instance, at this writing, one Croydon team is listed under Surrey and another under London.) Such a situation may be a result of a mistake, or it may be just the preference indicated by those teams.

If your team is offended by where you're shown as being located, go ahead and move the entry to where you think it should belong.

No political (national politics or morris politics) implications should be drawn from how we group morris sides. This is strictly geography, for the convenience of people looking for morris teams in a given area.