Brackleberry Morris, formerly known as the Gypsy Girls and Gypsies, started around 2002-2003 when some of the older girls in the Northern Lights decided to put together a team for doing more advanced dances. Their motto is Chiba Goth Morris. The founders were Gretchen Pfau, Lucie Stein-Cartford, Anna Pfau, Cathy Knight, Brittany Berner, and Elizabeth Baxter. All of these members have moved on, and the side is now mixed. The current members that frequently perform are a Ruby Simone, Nell Blackwood, Orion Simone, Carmela Simone and Tommy Jacksson.

Their dances include "Off to California" (also done by MTM), "The Girl from Ipanema" (written for MTM by Rudd Rayfield), "Waltzing Matilda," "South Australia," "The Rose," "Bromsberrow Heath," and two recently added ones, "The Maid of Chelmsford," and "The Merry Old Land of Oz," both new dances written by Rudd Rayfield.

At the 2010 Morris Ale, they also created a new style of Morris Dancing, which they call Scalawag. It is Border Dancing without sticks, using bell-pads like hankies, and includes Fieldtown steps.

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